Julius Randle Has Apparently Agreed To A Deal With The Pelicans After Being Renounced By The Lakers

07.02.18 8 months ago

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The free agency of Julius Randle has been odd from the start, beginning with at least some level of uncertainty when it came to the Los Angeles Lakers even tendering him a qualifying offer. It has to be noted that Randle’s overall standing was not the cause of the weirdness, however, and his combination of youth, upside and production presents an intriguing asset for the future, even if not in a traditional box that would appeal to every team.

The end result of the saga was Randle having his rights renounced by the Lakers on Monday evening so L.A. could land former Pelicans point guard Rajon Rondo on a 1-year deal. Randle, almost immediately, took advantage of his stature as an unrestricted free agent and agreed to a two-year deal with New Orleans that will allow him to hit the market next season if he so chooses.

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