Julius Erving Poked Fun At Farewell Tours As Moses Archibald In ‘The 5th Quarter’

01.25.18 4 months ago

The 5th Quarter

Julius Erving retired from basketball in 1987. But Dr. J as Moses Archibald had a much longer, much funnier career.

The basketball legend gave acting a shot in a star-studded episode of The 5th Quarter as an over-the-hill athlete who finally decides to hang it up after 50 seasons, thanks to a ceremonial lifetime contract the geriatric basketball player took very seriously.

“He was the best player in the league for 20 straight years,” Candace Parker said. “He was also the worst player in the league for 20 years.”

Erving embraced his role as an old man still playing the game, or at least still trying to play the game.

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