Justin Timberlake Did His Best Stephen Curry Impression By Drilling Two Half-Court Shots

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Still got that range… Grizz took the L. All good though… bounce back!!!

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Not since Aaron Carter’s “How I Beat Shaq” has a pop star looked so at-home on a basketball court. But then, Justin Timberlake has always been a baller in his own right. The minority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies was in Los Angeles to watch his team lose a tough one to the “white hot” three-point shooting Lakers — especially celebrated air humper Nick Young — and after the game JT hit the court to shoot away his frustrations (presumably with Chandler Parsons and JaMychal Green combining for five points on the night).

As you can see above, Timberlake wanted to show his crew that he can be deadly from deep downtown when he’s feeling the flow, and he was possibly inspired by a fan winning $95,000 after hitting a half-court shot during the game’s halftime festivities. Either way, you don’t need that woman’s war cry to tell you that Timberlake “still got that range,” because he nailed his first (recorded) attempt with ease.

And before you write him off as a fluke, you should watch his next (recorded) shot for proof that Timberlake could be coming off the Grizzlies’ bench in crunch time.

And just in case y'all thought it was a fluke…

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After all, he certainly shot better from long range than Parsons and Green did on that court.

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