In His Downtime, Miami Heat Rookie Justise Winslow Admits To ‘Netflix. No Chill.’

Justise Winslow seems like a pretty laid-back dude. But “chill” is a pastime that he apparently likes to engage in only its strictest, non-Urban-Dictionary meaning. In a recent interview with Jason Lieser of The Palm Beach Post, the Heat’s prized rookie described his lifestyle in Miami in positively quaint, bordering on provincial, terms:

“I might hit up a restaurant, hang out with some friends, go back and listen to some music, probably watch some good old Duke basketball, YouTube videos, Netflix. No chill. Just Netflix by myself. That’s it.”

For the uninitiated, “Netflix and chill” is code for “go have sex,” although its omnipresence as a cultural touchstone has rendered its usage obsolete, except for the most ironic purposes. And if it’s a bit surprising to see a wealthy, 19-year-old professional athlete bragging about not having sex, then you’re not alone. But then again, a gentleman never chills and tells.

But almost as entertaining were his comments on why he doesn’t really enjoy playing NBA2K that much:

“2k is almost too realistic, but then it’s not. I can’t decide how I want to guard a ball screen on a video game. I don’t like that. If I want to send somebody to their left on a ball screen, it’s really hard to do that on a video game.”

You read that correctly. Winslow is so locked in on defense that it apparently spills over into video games. “No chill” is another slang term used to describe someone whose intensity never lets up, so it’s safe to say Winslow has absolutely no chill in every sense of the word.

(Via The Palm Beach Post; h/t SB Nation)