Justise Winslow Stepped On Joel Embiid’s New Goggles During Game 3 Of Heat-Sixers

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Justise Winslow had 19 first-half points for the Miami Heat during Thursday night’s Game 3 against the Philadelphia 76ers. In between making it rain from behind the arc, Winslow nearly broke Joel Embiid‘s goggles.

Embiid took part in his first career playoff game with a new mask/goggles combo that protected his surgically repaired orbital bone. The extra-strong mask and goggles were immediately put to the test, though, as Embiid tinkered with their fit throughout the night.

At one point in the second quarter, a frustrated Embiid tossed his protective gear to the floor, and Winslow managed to find the spectacles with the bottom of his foot.

Winslow later picked the goggles up and multiple people believed that he tried to actually pull them apart. It may have all been an accident, but judging how the first half went on Thursday night it certainly felt like some gamesmanship on Winslow’s part. Two separate incidents drew double-technical fouls in the first half on Thursday night, including Dwyane Wade getting into it with Justin Anderson.

Embiid isn’t the most popular person in Miami to begin with, as he’s had some beef with Hassan Whiteside all year. At this rate, he’ll have everyone in Miami mad at him by the end of Thursday’s game.