K1X & Lil Thugs Present “Golden Era Hoop Heads” T-Shirt

03.23.12 7 years ago
At Dime, we’re always on the lookout for hot new collections for the summer. Nothing gets us more hyped than rocking a fresh new outfit as the weather warms and the women start looking better. And this year, K1X came through for us.

After unveiling their official summer collection earlier this month, they recently put out a video spotlighting one of their dopest t-shirts: the “Golden Era Hoop Heads.”

Thankfully for me, our friends over at K1X hooked me up with the shirt, as well as more crazy gear I’ll be rocking all summer. You can check out the full package I received on page two, and if you’re really feeling this stuff, heading over to kickz.com to scoop it up for 29,90 €.

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