Karl-Anthony Towns Squeezes Into A Phone Booth With Kevin Spacey On The Tonight Show

08.16.15 4 years ago

One of the perks of being the first pick in the NBA Draft is all the publicity that goes along with it. It’s a fascinating thing to watch, when a fledgling star like Karl-Anthony Towns – who is still a teenager – is right on the precipice of fame and fortune, unburdened by all the bloated expectations that go along with it, and just genuinely enjoying the ride.

That’s what happened Friday on the Tonight Show, when Jimmy Fallon tried to literally squeeze as many celebrities as possible into a sketch called “Phone Booth,” during which the interminably gregarious host and actor Kevin Spacey each had to answer trivia questions correctly or have another anonymous celebrity added to their respective booths.

The star of the Netflix juggernaut series House of Cards isn’t particularly good at trivia, so it was Keegan-Michael Key (he of the also-hyphenated first name club) who was first wedged into the booth alongside Spacey, followed by the nearly 7-foot, 250-lb Towns. It got progressively sillier from there, as the jockey for Triple-Crown winner American Pharoah, a grown man dressed as E.T., Hashtag the Panda, and Sesame Street’s Big Bird were all added to the mix.

Towns should yuck it up now while he can, because new teammate Kevin Garnett doesn’t really have much of a sense of humor about anything.

(via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, h/t SB Nation)

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