Kawhi Leonard Got Booed Loudly At The Rams Game In Los Angeles

Kawhi Leonard and the Clippers held media day on Sunday, in which he, Paul George, and the rest of the team discussed their excitement and expectations for the upcoming season.

When his obligations there were done, Leonard scooted over to the L.A. Coliseum for the remainder of the Bucs-Rams game. Typically, when a major star of another sports team in the city pops up on the sidelines it gets people excited, but because this is Los Angeles where the Clippers are still the “other” team to the Lakers, Leonard got a very different reaction from the Rams faithful.

Now, part of this might be Rams fans being frustrated watching the lowly Tampa Bay Buccaneers run up and down the field on their favorite team, as it was 31-20 at the time (and only got worse), but it is a reminder that the Lakers are still the top team in L.A. no matter the star power that’s been added to the Clippers.

The fact that Leonard chose the Clippers over the Lakers only exacerbates these feelings from fans. This year is going to be pretty spectacular in L.A. when it comes to the rivalry between the Lakers and Clippers, as we’ve never seen them both be legitimate title contenders at the same time. That’s the case this season, and those games in Staples Center will be among the biggest of the year in all of the NBA.