Kawhi Leonard Says He’s, “Still Not 100 Percent”

11.23.14 4 years ago

After Friday night’s 121-92 victory over the Timberwolves, Spurs wing and 2014 NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard said the conjunctivitis that kept him out of every preseason game but one, plus San Antonio’s first game of the regular season, is still affecting his vision. He says he’s still not 100 percent, and it’s unclear when it’s effects on his vision subside.

San Antonio’s two-way force is still plagued by the eye infection, which doctors say could take months to clear up. Per the San Antonio Express-News’ Jeff MacDonald, comes Leonard’s admission:

Leonard’s right eye remains blurry and sensitive to light, and says his eyesight has shown little improvement a month and a half after he contracted conjunctivitis on the Spurs’ European trip in early October.

“I’m still not 100 percent,” Leonard said after the Spurs’ 121-92 victory in Minnesota on Friday.


“There’s really nothing I can do about it,” Leonard said. “I just have to play through it.”

Leonard’s early season numbers — particularly from beyond the arc, where he’s shooting just 22.9 percent through 12 starts this season after connecting on greater than 37 percent in each of his first three seasons — reflect his eye issues. He’s only connecting on 43.3 percent of his overall shots from the field after netting greater than 52 percent last season.

The Spurs are 9-3 despite Leonard’s continued issues with his sight. He might not be as accurate from the field, but San Antonio’s giving up over three points more per 100 possessions when he sits, and they’re scoring over four points more when he’s on the court. His net rating — 9.3 — is higher than anyone else on the team, but Tim Duncan (+10.7), with over 300 minutes of court time so far this season.

While the eye infection could be gone by now, according to doctors it’s also possible it could continue to affect his vision throughout the entire 2014-15 campaign.

(All stats courtesy of NBA.com)

Will Kawhi’s eye issues affect the Spurs if he continues through the season?

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