Kawhi Leonard Will Play In Game 1 Against Golden State

05.13.17 10 months ago

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The San Antonio Spurs moved onto the Western Conference Finals without Kahwi Leonard, but they’ll still have him when they need him most. Leonard will return to the lineup in time for the long-awaited matchup against the Warriors.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said on Saturday that Leonard will be available after missing Game 6 of the Western Conference semifinal against the Houston Rockets.

Leonard suffered an ankle injury in Game 5 of the Western Conference semifinals that kept him out of Game 6, though he was a game-time decision. Popovich decided to sit Leonard despite the two-way star’s insistence on playing, and the extra days of rest seem to have done Leonard some good here.

The Spurs didn’t need Leonard to get the win anyway after an implosion by James Harden, which was stunning to many considering how likely a Game 7 felt without Leonard in the lineup. The wagering line on Game 6 moved a point when Leonard was ruled out, but the Spurs dominated and Harden scored just 10 points while the other MVP candidate in the series was wearing street clothes.

Still, the Spurs will need their best player if they want to take on Golden State. The basketball world is finally getting the Spurs vs. Warriors series the basketball world has been waiting for, and Leonard taking on Dub City is a must-watch.

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