Kelvin Sampson Told A Heartbreaking Story About A Houston Player’s Family During The NCAA Tournament

03.23.19 4 months ago


The NCAA, specifically when it comes to basketball and the concept of “amateur athletics,” is on the brink of change. The one and done rule is going away, and the NBA is making strides to build its G League into a viable alternate if the concept of playing for free for a university reaps the benefits doesn’t sound very fair.

The value of amateurism is certainly at an all-time low among those that cover the sport, but colleges and the NCAA work hard to preach the value of amateur athletics for its “student athletes.” And the spectacle that is March Madness, while exciting, offers some strong rebukes of that value. The latest comes from Houston coach Kelvin Sampson, who feels that the parents of his players should get invited to NCAA Tournament games so they can see their children play.

Sampson told a heartbreaking story on Saturday about an unnamed player whose parents couldn’t afford to fly to Tulsa, Oklahoma, and get a hotel room to watch one of his players in the tournament.

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