Kemba Walker Buzzer-Beater Kills Pitt in the Big East Tournament

Everywhere that college basketball is loved and respected just went crazy watching the end of that great UConn/Pitt Big East Tournament game. With the game tied at 74 with 15 seconds to go in the game, UConn inbounded the ball to Kemba Walker out of a timeout. On a defensive switch off a high screen, Walker looked up to find 6-11 Gary McGhee guarding him. Kemba, Gary and the packed Madison Square Garden arena all knew what was about to come next.

Kemba Walker did not disappoint.

CBSSports.com’s Matt Norlander was there and captured this video of the final possession from his courtside seat. This is awesome:

Some questions: It’s easy to second-guess a coach after the fact, buy why didn’t Pitt work to keep the ball out of Kemba’s hands from the start? And why, after the switch, was Pitt not ready to send a double-team at Kemba to make him give it up or at the very least take a contested shot?

After all, in his ESPN interview immediately after the game, Kemba said, “Everyone in the world knew who was going to take that shot.”

Here is Matt’s original post on the play.

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