Kemba Walker Had Himself An Embarrassing Swaggy P Moment By Celebrating A Shot Too Soon

Los Angeles Lakers guard Nick Young has become infamous for many things. One of his finer moments came when the artist formerly known as “Swaggy P” elected to celebrate a three-pointer before the ball actually fell through the hoop. In that instance, the ball rattled in and out before caroming helplessly to the floor. On Thursday, Charlotte Hornets point guard Kemba Walker joined Young in internet infamy.

In the second half of a game against the Miami Heat, Walker squared up a jumper from the top of the key. After the ball bounced off the front rim, it looked to be on a trajectory to fall through the hoop. Walker, of course, did not actually wait for that to transpire and he actually went one step further.

Kemba Walker celebrated his errant jumper with a full-blown shimmy.

The television broadcast (seen above) had some fun with Walker’s premature celebration using the warning of “don’t start dancing!” and the former UConn star will probably never live this down. Kemba Walker is having what many consider to be an All-Star season in 2016-2017, but this might become the headliner on his lowlight reel as a professional.

Okay, maybe the original will never die but Nick Young now has legitimate company in doing a very silly thing and there is visual evidence to prove it.