Kenan Thompson Brings LaVar Ball To ‘SNL’ With The Perfect ‘Weekend Update’ Impression

LaVar Ball has finally made it. The Big Baller Brand CEO and father of three slightly smaller basketballers has finally been lampooned by the irreplaceable Kenan Thompson on Saturday Night Live. Thompson took to the Weekend Update set dressed as Ball, complete with a bald cap and a Big Baller Brand shirt.

Thompson’s ability to mimic “celebrities” on SNL really is legendary at this point, and he didn’t disappoint with Ball. It seems like it was only a matter of time before Ball got between the show’s crosshairs. When he opened his mouth, the impression matched the bombastic personality we’ve all come to know and… know very well over these last few months.

“I’m like Earl Woods, Joe Jackson and Dena Lohan all rolled into one,” Thompson says as Ball, naming off other famous star parents.

He also dropped LaVar’s “NEVER LOST” here and there, which was pretty spot-on.

In the segment, Ball is asked about his boast that he could beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1. Ball affirms that claim, saying he could beat Jordan “in a beekeeper suit and wearing Hamburger Helper gloves.” The hyperbole continues, as Thompson says he’s eight feet tall, once jumped 20 feet high, once jumped over a Super Target, and ate 100 turkeys one Thanksgiving.

Thompson also says that his son’s Z02 Primes are made from “South African rhino-saucerous horn.”

Seriously, this is a hilarious line. Also, Thompson thought it would be nice to give Colin Jost a pair of ZO2 Primes. When Jost refused to pay full price for them, they got taken away with the flare that we are used to seeing from Ball.

All I hope this means is that LaVar Ball and Kenan Thompson are feuding. Because we know who wins that: Kenan truly has NEVER LOST.