SNL’s Kenan Thompson Hilariously Crashed ‘Inside The NBA’ As LaVar Ball

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Inside the NBA broadcast out of Rockefeller Center on Thursday night because Charles Barkley is getting ready to host Saturday Night Live. But the two shows took the opportunity for some cross-promotion on Thursday, with some SNL cast members appearing during the TNT broadcast to have some fun.

One of those cast members was Kenan Thompson, the longtime SNL veteran who has played a bevy of characters in his time, including the NBA’s loudest father, LaVar Ball. Thompson has made Ball a reoccurring character of sorts, upping the ante each time he appears in classic Big Baller fashion.

On Thursday night, Thompson showed up between the Inside the NBA foursome to have some satirical fun at Ball’s expense, and it didn’t disappoint.


Kenan’s LaVar is pretty spot on, as he started with a classic “NEVER LOST” as he appeared on set. He then described his son Lonzo’s shooting motion like he’s “grabbing something off the top shelf by doing the Thriller dance.”

Just listen how “ar-too-ticu-literate” he is challenging Chuck to a game of 1-on-1.

After that, he had gifts for the crew.

“That of course will be $30,000 dollars apiece,” Thompson said after he handed out the Big Baller Brand shirts. The best part, however, is probably Thompson/Ball calling Lakers highlights, as they took down the Heat in Miami on Thursday night.

“My son would have done it better,” Ball chimed in watching a Laker other than Lonzo make a nice play inside. Ever smooth, he even had an excuse ready for the Lakers almost certainly failing to live up to his prediction of making the postseason and beating the Warriors this year.

“We don’t do what we don’t want to do,” he said.

The whole segment was highly entertaining. Thompson is consistently one of the best parts of SNL, and he’s found his muse with LaVar Ball here. Let’s hope it’s not the last time we see Thompson put on a bald cap and become a Big Baller.

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