Kendrick Perkins Arrested & Baby Shaq Shuts It Down In D.C.

Kendrick Perkins was arrested early yesterday morning after he was attempting to start a fight with a club manager and was charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and public intoxication at a Houston club. ‘Perk was apparently being pushed out of the back by a large crowd after trying to start a fight, and then continued to talk smack and start other fights as he went out. Our prediction on what actually happened? Perkins hit someone with the ‘Perk mean mug and everything broke loose. Earlier on Friday, Perkins hosted a basketball camp and a celebrity exhibition game. Rajon Rondo, Kevin Durant, Eric Maynor, James Harden and Stephen Jackson all showed up … At first, it was also reported that Jackson was arrested as well, but it has since been explained that Jack had no part in the issues. Another problem with a club is about the last thing he needs … Phil Jackson said he won’t come back to coach again, so obviously won’t be coaching the Knicks any time soon. But what he wants to do is help out Jimmy Dolan: “I’m going to rewrite (Knicks owner) Jimmy Dolan’s song Fix the Knicks. I think he needs either a better lyricist or a better musician.” Or how about a whole new song? … This video of Dwight Howard doing impersonations on 106 & Park had us cracking up. He nailed Barkley and LL Cool J (licking his lips and everything), and then takes a joking shot at LeBron (before giving us another pretty good LeBron impersonation). The only guy he really blew it on was Biggie … The Dime crew was in the house yesterday morning and early afternoon for the Red Bull King of the Rock Washington D.C. stop, where Barry Farms (home of the Goodman League) morphed into a one-on-one March Madness bracket for the right to win a G and take a trip to Alcatraz in September for the nationals. Some serious talent showed up, including one of the top finishers from Philly, Antoine “Do Dirt” Brown, as well as another of Philly’s finest, Tyrone “Redz” Hill. The two biggest names that came out to play were Hugh “Baby Shaq” Jones and Andrew “SpongeBob” Washington, two local cats with national names that brought some of the hometown crew in to amp up the atmosphere. They ended up meeting in the semis where a late run by SpongeBob was too little, too late as Baby Shaq took out his boy. The finals saw Baby Shaq wear down another beast, Redz, 15-9. All day, Baby Shaq was just too much, a perfect combination of power, strength and quickness … Danny Green tweeted that he has accepted an offer to play with the Slovenian team, Union Olimpija. He does have an opt-out and hopes that the Spurs will bring him back … Remember Todd MacCulloch? The guy that Shaq tossed around like a baby in the 2002 Finals? He’s playing in the Pinball World Championships this week in Pittsburgh. One, we didn’t know they had those. And two, how the hell does he fit? He’s become the 193rd ranked player in the world (compare that to the NBA where he was probably no more than the 194th ranked player), which is awesome. We could see him back in the day challenging every teammate he ever had, and just destroying everyone, yelling “Next!” the whole time … And Marc Stein reported that Maccabi Tel-Aviv is looking hard at Rashad McCants, which is about one more hard look than any NBA team has given him in the past year … We’re out like Danny Green.

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