This Kendrick Perkins Post-Up Against Bobby Portis Is The Pelicans’ Season In A Nutshell

If you thought Batman V. Superman was something resembling a flop, but not really a flop, wait until you see Portis V. Perkins.

During the fourth quarter of Monday night’s game between the Bulls and Pelicans, the always physical Kendrick Perkins threw a shoulder into Bulls rookie Bobby Portis. Portis went flying backwards, as defenders tend to do. Perkins went tumbling sideways.

It looks like a flop, but maybe it wasn’t. This is Kendrick Perkins, after all, someone hardly known for his offensive prowess and delicate foot work. Couldn’t Perk have just fallen down?

No one’s arguing the Pelicans center’s grace, only his motive. This could be a case of heavy feet as much as one of floppadelic basketball.

Either way, it really feels like it’s time to put the injury-riddled 30-51 Pelicans out of their misery. One game left.