Kent Bazemore Landed On Serge Ibaka’s Shoulders After Finishing An Alley-Oop

Look out, Serge Ibaka. Kent Bazemore can fly and he needs a place to land.

Atlanta and Orlando are squaring off on Saturday night. During the second quarter, Bazemore was getting guarded on the wing by Evan Fournier. After realizing that there was no one between Bazemore and the rim, the Hawks’ guard broke for the basket.

He timed this perfectly, because Never Google got caught off guard, meaning all that the Hawks needed was for someone to throw the ball in Bazemore’s general direction. Fortunately for Atlanta, the ball was in the hands of Dennis Schröder, who threw a perfect pass that Bazemore was able to go get en route to the dunk. He took off from way out, so this was a testament to Bazemore’s athleticism and ability to finish a really difficult play.

Landing was the interesting part. Bazemore hung on the rim for half a second because if he let go, his momentum was going to send him flying. So he circled back around and decided the only landing spot was on the study shoulders of Ibaka. Some guys would take this as disrespectful, but Ibaka seemed like he understood that Bazemore had nowhere else to go.