Kentucky Freshman Phenom Makes The Craziest Basket You’ll See All Year… On His Own Hoop

11.05.13 6 years ago

Back in the summer of 2011, I spent a day with Rudy Gay and his boys for a piece in Dime Magazine. I ended up leading that feature with a story that Gay’s friend told me. When they were kids, Rudy ran down a loose ball, cuffed it and lofted it backwards towards the hoop. It went in, the most miraculous three-pointer any of them had ever seen.

Devin Ferguson, Rudy’s friend, told me right then, at 11, they knew Rudy Gay was going to the A. It was one of those shots that you can go an entire career, an entire life, without ever seeing. Well… Kentucky’s 6-6 freshman phenom James Young did Rudy one better.

During Monday’s exhibition victory over Division II Montevallo, Young raced down a loose ball and flung it backwards to save it. It ended up going in on his own basket.

As Yahoo! Sports writes, this bucket was only worth two points for Montevallo because of an obscure NCAA rule. (“When a player scores a field goal in the opponent’s basket, it shall count as two points for the opponent regardless of the location on the playing court from where it was released.”) Young finished with 16 points and five boards but should seriously get extra points for this play.

Recently, Javonte Douglas had one of the nastiest putback dunks of all time, and yet it’s already being overshadowed by this.

via Yahoo! Sports

Can anything top this?

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