Former Kentucky Star Rex Chapman Raised More Than $55,000 For COVID-19 Relief In Two Hours

With COVID-19 aka coronavirus impacting the entire world, there are thousands of people feeling the effects every day. Whether it’s medical concerns, not being able to work due to the closure of non-essential businesses, or being overworked due to working in one of those essential business industries. Everyone is feeling the impact of coronavirus in some way.

As a result, there are many people out there asking how they can help. One person, former Kentucky star Rex Chapman, was among those looking for a way to help. He posted a video on Twitter where through his personal foundation, as well as Bluegrass Community Foundation, his Twitter followers could donate money that would then go to any non-profit organization helping with COVID-19 relief. His hope was to just get a handful of donations. Instead, he raised over $55,000 in two hours.

It’s through efforts like this from Chapman that people with influence can have a positive impact. Chapman isn’t the biggest name out there in basketball, but he’s someone people recognize and through just the following he has he managed to create a chain effect that has pushed it beyond what he was expecting.

For those are looking to donate here is the link Chapman posted.

It’s great to see efforts like giving us some good news in a time where we really need it.