Kevin Durant Advised Giannis Antetokounmpo To ‘Play For Himself’

04.22.18 1 year ago

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Giannis Antetokounmpo won’t be a free agent for at least two more season, having signed a four year max deal in 2016. That said, Kevin Durant has some advice for the young star that’s bound to ruffle a few feathers.

Everyone remembers the shockwaves Durant caused on the way out of Oklahoma City when he signed with the Golden State Warriors in the summer of 2016. It turned out to be a successful move, having won the NBA title last season and furthering himself as one of the clear faces of the league.

So Durant took to ESPN to spread the gospel of his own happiness after leaving a small-town franchise for one of the larger markets. In the feature on Giannis, Durant spoke about how Antetokounmpo shouldn’t factor small-town loyalty into his upcoming free agent decision in 24 months. Instead, Durant implored the young Bucks player to keep his own counsel and do what’s best for him.

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