Kevin Durant Thought It Took Courage For Kyrie Irving To Ask For A Trade From The Cavs

08.24.17 7 months ago

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Kevin Durant clearly feels he no longer has anything to prove to anybody, and that means he’s speaking his mind about a long list of things. He’s talked about Donald Trump, gone in on reporters and tried to throw a teacher who slighted him in jail. He’s just a kid having fun out there these days.

His latest entry into the Summer of KD scrapbook is an appreciation for Kyrie Irving‘s trade request out of Cleveland. Now that the deal is official and Irving has a new home in Boston, Durant is free to speak his mind on the move and he came out in favor of Irving asking for a trade.

Durant did an “ask me anything” segment on Bill Simmons’ podcast on Thursday and said he appreciates what Irving did.

“He did what he was supposed to do in Cleveland,” Durant said. “It’s on to the next chapter.”

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