A Monstrous Block By Kevin Durant Set Up This Huge Andre Iguodala Jam

Associate Editor

It’s always fun when the Golden State Warriors remind us that they are extremely good at basketball. Even after a mistake, the team is capable cleaning everything up and doing something awesome. For example, during Thursday’s game against the Houston Rockets, Draymond Green threw a pass that got picked off. James Harden took the ball up the court and thought he had a transition layup.

That’s when Kevin Durant flew in and spiked the ball off of the backboard like it was a volleyball. It went all the way to the foul line, where Stephen Curry was waiting to trigger the fast break. He dribbled up the court, saw no one was keeping tabs on Andre Iguodala, fired a no-look pass to the 2015 Finals MVP, and Iguodala threw down.

Iguodala is getting older, but he’s still one of the more athletic dudes in the league. He showed that here, right after Durant showed that you better go up strong when he’s around the rim.

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