Kevin Durant Was Mercilessly Booed By Thunder Fans During Pregame Introductions

Associate Editor

To the surprise of no one, Thunder fans weren’t exactly kind to Kevin Durant during pregame introductions on Saturday night. Durant is making his return to Oklahoma City after leaving the team for Golden State in free agency over the offseason, which meant emotions were high heading into the game.

Prior to the tip, we knew that Durant expected it to be so bad that he hired extra security, although there’s no word on whether or not it was necessary. What we do know is that he was walking into an especially hostile environment – most notably, Thunder fans made these vicious “KowarD” shirts. Thunder fans also thought it would be fun to torment Durant prior to the game, as they made signs, dressed like cupcakes, and brought snakes to the arena to get a point across to Durant.

The pregame introductions weren’t the first chance Thunder fans got to boo Durant, even if they were the loudest boos of the night. The Oklahoma City faithful got the chance to let Durant hear it when he ran out with the rest of the Warriors for warm-ups.

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