Kevin Durant And DeMarcus Cousins Reportedly Had To Be Separated After Getting Ejected

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The Golden State Warriors put together a trademark performance on Monday evening in overcoming a 20-point halftime deficit on the road in New Orleans to win by 10 points in going-away fashion. While there were plenty of fireworks (including a not-so-pretty rolled ankle for Stephen Curry), things came to a head between Kevin Durant and DeMarcus Cousins with less than 90 seconds remaining in the contest.

Both players were eventually ejected, with Cousins being tossed and then provoking Durant into an identical fate, and the two All-Stars were not exactly shy in going at one another for all to see.

However, that apparently wasn’t the end of the beef between Durant and Cousins, as a report indicates that security had to step in to separate the two big men and prevent a potential altercation off the floor.

Until further reports emerge, it will be important to exercise caution in assuming anything too nefarious with regard to the backstage incident but the mere thought of two top-tier players engaging in that type of behavior is certainly fodder for speculation. The Warriors picked up a win but things between two of the better players in the NBA today are seemingly not on the best terms at this juncture.