Kevin Durant Made A Massive Donation To An Oklahoma City School For Homeless Youth

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When Kevin Durant decided to join the Golden State Warriors in free agency last summer, he broke a lot of hearts around the Oklahoma City area. But just because he doesn’t live there anymore doesn’t mean that he stopped caring about the community he called home for the majority of his professional career.

According to Michael Lee of The Vertical, Durant recently made a massive donation, via his foundation, to a local school for homeless youth.

The Positive Tomorrows website explains in its mission statement that it is dedicated to providing a quality education to children experiencing homelessness. Their three-pronged approach includes offering transportation to students to and from school, free meals, and other basic needs such as shoes and clothing.

They also offer family support that helps parents of homeless youth find jobs and paths to stable housing. In terms of curriculum, the school works to get students up to grade level, complete with smaller class sizes that ensure they get the type of individual attention they need to succeed.

Fans around the Oklahoma City area would do well to remember this and all the other great things Durant did in his community when he returns to play the Thunder on February 11 and think twice before pelting him with jeers.