Kevin Durant And Draymond Green Got Into A Shouting Match During Their Loss To The Kings

The Warriors five-game winning streak was snapped in Sacramento on Saturday night in a 109-106 loss to the Kings, and tempers were running high on the Golden State sideline during the game.

Head coach Steve Kerr got run in the third quarter after he went ballistic on the referees following a questionable call against Kevon Looney and a technical on Kevin Durant, but Kerr wasn’t the only one running hot on Saturday night as a fan took video of Durant and Draymond Green getting into a heated exchange on the bench during a timeout.

Durant had a rough night, scoring only 10 points on 2-of-10 shooting and some of that frustration with his own offense might have boiled over. Draymond Green said after the game that they needed Durant to take more than 10 shots in games, but he wasn’t worried about this one instance because the entire offense was off (and it was the Warriors third game in four nights).

These kinds of exchanges aren’t all that rare, and in the middle of a game teammates will often have passionate discussions and disagreements. This in particular is interesting because Durant is usually considered a mild-mannered superstar, but here you can see him letting plenty of emotion show.