Enes Kanter Tried Talking Smack To Kevin Durant While The Thunder Were Down By 23

Who would have guessed that there may be some hard feelings between Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder? KD spent most of the first half of his first game against his old team lighting the world on fire, as Durant scored 29 points on 11-for-17 shooting in 19 minutes of action to give the Dubs a 68-43 lead at the half. If you’re a Warriors fan, or if you are put off by the hate that the team and Durant have gotten over the last few months, you probably love this.

For Thunder fans, players, coaches, and everyone else within the organization, this was a disaster. Emotions are probably high, especially among the players and especially for Enes Kanter. The Thunder’s big man and Durant chirped with one another during a stoppage in play before Oklahoma City shot free throws. Durant actually looked like he started walking towards the Thunder bench for a second, but then decided it would be better to talk smack while Victor Oladipo was at the line.

So Durant and Kanter did some talking. Well, Durant seemed like he didn’t talk all that much, while Steven Adams had to tell Kanter to stop, because they were down by more than 20 points and you can’t really talk when you’re down by that much. But credit to Kanter for showing some fight while his team was getting smacked around, I suppose.