The Warriors Apparently Don’t Know What Kevin Durant Wants As His Free Agency Looms

10.09.18 11 months ago

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The Golden State Warriors are looking for a three-peat this season and are the odds on favorite to succeed in their quest to become the first team to win three straight NBA titles since the Lakers in the early-2000s.

The Warriors had a plan in place to keep their core four together for the foreseeable future, albeit at a price tag of well over $1 billion. If they manage to succeed in doing so, they’ll be the favorites to actually achieve the “not four, not five, not six, not seven” titles LeBron James once claimed was the goal with the Miami Heat. However, much like how that Heat run ended prematurely given what those three superstars seemed capable of, the Warriors run could meet a similar fate at the end of this season.

For some time, it was Klay Thompson that many thought could be the one to jump ship and try to find a team that would let him be the top star. That doesn’t seem to be the case as Thompson has been very clear about his intentions to stay in Golden State and his happiness with his situation as a secondary superstar. Now, it appears the issue in keeping this group together will be Kevin Durant, the last addition to their quartet of All-Stars who may also be the first to leave.

Durant will be a free agent once again in 2019 after he inked a one-year deal this offseason with the Warriors when some expected him to cash in on a much larger, long-term deal. He’s kept his options open and there are those in the Bay that feel the writing is on the wall for his departure next summer.

The Athletic’s Marcus Thompson is among those that believes KD could be on his way out, as he told the Murph & Mac Podcast on KNBR recently. Thompson was asked about the doom and gloom surrounding Durant’s impending free agency and noted that he feels like Durant is gone next summer. Additionally, Thompson said a big problem for the Warriors is they, like most everyone else, have no idea what Durant actually wants (9:10 mark of the below audio).

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