NBA Players Are Just As Shocked By Kevin Durant Joining The Warriors As Everyone Else

Everybody had a reaction on Monday morning when Kevin Durant announced that he’s leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder to sign with the Golden State Warriors. The takes rolled in from all corners of Twitter, and that included other players, whose reactions were mostly of shock.

Andre Iguodala was the first Warriors player to weigh in, and he had jokes:

Draymond Green was excited, too:

But mostly, players were just as stunned as everyone else.

A few players speculated on what it would mean on the court, beyond the initial gut reactions to the move.

There’s no doubt that Durant’s decision has changed the entire balance of power in the NBA. The Warriors are now the overwhelming favorites to win the title next season, and most of these players know it. It’s worth noting that there hasn’t been much resentment on the parts of the players, who all seem to understand that Durant wants to win a title and would all do the same thing in his shoes. But they all have come to the same conclusion as the rest of us: whatever happens with these Warriors, this is going to be a lot of fun to watch unfold.