Kevin Durant Supported ESPN’s Jemele Hill For ‘Standing Up’ For Her Beliefs

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The Jemele Hill saga continues into the weekend and, this time, a high-profile athlete is on her side. The ESPN personality’s reference to President Donald Trump as a “white supremacist” has caused quite a stir, from ESPN issuing its own statement on the matter to the White House Press Secretary calling for her to be fired from the podium.

In response, there have been plenty of folks standing alongside Hill in her message and, especially, with her when it comes to facing no discipline for his personal beliefs. Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is the latest, as he was prompted by TMZ Sports about the issue.

Here’s Durant’s brief quote in full:

“I play basketball… and I’m behind Jemele. I support her. That’s what it’s all about. She’s standing up for what she believes in. I’m with it.”

After issuing his succinctly supportive message, Durant then doubled down in affirming the relative absurdity of ESPN reportedly looking to replace Hill on Wednesday’s broadcast with two other anchors of color. None of Durant’s statements are surprising given his renaissance as someone who says exactly what he wants to say virtually at all times, but it is still another (very) prominent sports figure supporting Hill and her message.

In the end, that matters and carries significant weight.