Kevin Durant Kissed A Fan On The Cheek After She Was Hit By An Errant Pass

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Kevin Durant got rather close to a fan at Oracle Arena on Thursday night. The Warriors superstar gave a fan a quick kiss when an errant pass appeared to hit her while she was sitting courtside as Golden State took on the Dallas Mavericks.

Durant wasn’t even the person who hit the fan, but he and fellow Warrior Jordan Bell went over to see if she was doing alright after a pass hit her on the near sideline during the third quarter of the game.

The ball unexpectedly went out of play when Mavericks guard Devin Harris aborted a drive to the hoop and sent a wild pass to the sideline. No Mav was in the vicinity, though, and the ball went right into the first row.

Both Durant and Bell, who was guarding Harris, went over to see if the fans were doing well before they inbounded the ball for the next possession. That’s when Durant laid a kiss on the fan, who apparently was a bit shaken up.

The Warriors crowd loved the gesture, and it appears the fan didn’t mind the smooch very much, either. It’s always nice when players express concern for fans sitting courtside, and maybe even share a little love.

The fan did stick around to watch the rest of the game, so it doesn’t seem like the impact was as bad as we’ve seen in other situations. And after, Durant was asked during a TNT interview if he’d ever kissed a fan before.

“Yeah,” Durant said. “It’s my second time.”