Kevin Durant Suffered A Scary Looking Knee Injury During The Warriors’ Game In Washington

The Golden State Warriors are rolling to the point where they are seen by many as an overwhelming favorite to claim the 2017 NBA Championship. In fact, there has been widespread speculation that the Warriors could even succumb to an injury for one of their incredible quartet of stars while still operating as the best team in the sport. Unfortunately, it appears that Steve Kerr’s team may have to test that theory for a while, as superstar forward Kevin Durant left Tuesday’s game against the Washington Wizards with a knee injury.

Per team release, the official injury for Durant is a hyperextended left knee and it is too early to tell the severity of the issue. Big man Zaza Pachulia fell to the ground and plowed into Durant’s knee under the rim and, as you can see on the video above, Durant’s reaction was immediate and it was clear he was in considerable pain.

Teams across the NBA have different ways of describing injuries that can vary wildly, leaving plenty of wiggle room as to what to expect from Durant’s ailment here. For now, though, fans of the Warriors have to be at least somewhat worried about the status of their leading scorer. We’ll let you know if this keeps Durant out longer than the remainder of this game.