Kevin Durant’s Current And Former Teammates Reportedly Think He’ll Go To The Knicks This Summer

04.26.19 4 months ago

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Right now, Kevin Durant and the Warriors can’t afford to get ahead of themselves. They’ll have to just ignore the fact that the Rockets have already landed in Oakland in anticipation of their prospective second-round match-up against them. As Klay Thompson said after Wednesday’s stunning loss, thinking too far ahead is exactly what got them here.

They’ll have to focus all their attention on Game 6 on Friday night in Los Angeles against a Clippers team relishing the opportunity to make the Warriors and all their fans squirm and give them flashbacks to the 2016 Finals collapse that they thought they’d put behind them for good.

However this all plays out for Durant and his team, there seems to be consensus around the league about where he’ll end up this summer when his much-anticipated free agency becomes a reality.

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