Kevin Durant And The Ugly Side Of A League Obsessed With Transactions

02.07.19 3 months ago

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Kevin Durant broke his silence on Wednesday night in Oakland, letting the assembled media in Oakland get a piece of his mind.

The former MVP lashed out at what he believes to be unfair commentary from the media about his impending free agency, focusing in on Ethan Strauss of The Athletic specifically for a recent piece detailing how the Warriors are growing to believe he’s leaving for New York this summer. Durant was clearly frustrated by the constant chatter about his future, and pleaded with the media to simply let him play basketball.

The problem, of course, is that isn’t really an option, even if that may be unfair or at the least annoying to players. The truth about sports in general, and the NBA in particular, is part of the fascination fans have with the game is about player movement and especially elite players being on the move and shifting the balance of power in the league. Durant wants people to focus on what’s happening on the court right now, where the Warriors look once again like the most dominant force in the league — this press conference came after a near 40-point blowout of the Spurs.

However, the regular season Warriors are not of interest to just about anyone outside of Oakland. Yes, Golden State is playing fantastic basketball. Yes, Kevin Durant is a big part of that. No, it’s not a major story. This is the status quo, and that doesn’t move the needle.

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