Kevin Durant, Monica Wright Engagement & The Top 5 Pro Basketball Couples

07.09.13 6 years ago
After the Minnesota Lynx took on the Phoenix Mercury Sunday night, Monica Wright claimed that she is now Kevin Durant‘s fiancé. If her assertion is true, the combination of the two professional basketball players forms a perfect symbiosis of on-court talent that could mean a future superstar if they ever decide to start a family.

The conjoining of an elite NBA basketball player and a WNBA star might mean future professional basketball progeny if a family happens. But the merging of WNBA and NBA stars in coupledom is rare, despite the similarities in lifestyle—not to mention, height. The recent news that Kevin Durant is engaged to Minnesota Lynx player Monica Wright, got us thinking about other WNBA-NBA relationships.

Since unions like Monica and Kevin are so rare, we thought we’d provide four other NBA and WNBA relationships, or in the case of one couple, simply a college relationship that started when both played for their famous alma mater. With a dearth of WNBA and NBA couples, we had to include them.

Here are four more basketball couples, ones that could produce a star we might be talking about 20 years from now.

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5. Curtis Borchardt and Susan King-Borchardt
These two, like our next pair, met in college while at Stanford together in 2000. During Susan’s freshman season, she tore her ACL and met another Stanford basketball player while recuperating. Curtis was convalescing from a stress fracture in his right foot. The two dinged up Stanford Cardinals began seeing each other thereafter and married in August of 2003, which USA Today covered.

After graduating, Curtis became a member of the Utah Jazz after being drafted by the Orlando Magic, and Susan returned to Stanford to finish her senior season as the Cardinals’ starting point guard. After Susan graduated, she was drafted by the Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA, but only appeared in three games before being waived. Curtis lasted three seasons with the Jazz before being traded to the Boston Celtics as part of one of the largest trades in NBA history featuring 13 players and 5 teams in August of 2005. He only played in preseason games for the Celtics before being waived and heading to Europe to continue his professional basketball career.

These two might not be household names, but Curtis is a seven-footer and Susan had solid handle as a point guard, so their children, which includes a 4-year-old son, Finley, and two near 2-years-old twins, son Avery and daughter Flory, all have a chance to be special.

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