Enjoy Kevin Durant Eating A Delicious Nacho Given To Him By A Caring Child

10.13.16 2 years ago

How easy will the Golden State Warriors find things this season? Well, you could say it will be like taking candy from a baby. Or, as the Instagram video shows, it will be like taking nachos from a child.

That’s newest Warrior Kevin Durant hanging out at the scorer’s table, eyeballing a young boy’s nachos and snatching one from the tray. While this moment will serve as a fond memory for Khalil and a metaphor for the Warriors going 81-1, it’s also a reminder of Durant’s betrayal this summer.

Think about it. Was Durant there when these nachos were made? Did he go through the process of waiting on line, asking the person behind the counter for the nachos and carrying them back to his seat? Of course not. Durant jumped on the nachos bandwagon right at the end, when they were ready to be an unbeatable snack, then participated in the nacho consumption. Classic move by someone just trying to steal a championship nacho.

Did Durant exercise his earned right to have that nacho? Sure, if you want to get technical, but why would he abandon the pretzel nuggets he spent a long time building with fellow pretzel nugget lovers? Where’s the loyalty to the pretzel nuggets, Kevin?

This is all a joke. I don’t feel that way. Don’t @ me.

(Ronnie Holley on Instagram)

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