See Why Zach LaVine Looks So Unimpressed In This New Kevin Durant Ad

In this new Nike X Foot Locker spot starring Kevin Durant, an anonymous playground player throws down a filthy dunk, which electrifies the crowd. Hence, the new commercial’s title: “Eruption.”

KD is in the house, obviously, and goes just as ballistic over the play as everyone else. In fact, the whole scene is a mad house. Anyone who has spent time at Rucker, Dyckman, or even West 4th Street in lower Manhattan, knows this is a pretty accurate representation of the “Holy crap did you see that” reaction a truly monumental dunk on the playground can elicit.

But the title of the commercial says Durant is joined by some “friends” in the ad. And sure enough, Zach LaVine makes an appearance, albeit a rather brief one.

Except, the 2015 Dunk Contest Svengali gives a pretty overt shrug to the whole thing, even as the rest of the actors in the ad go nuclear.

LaVine’s busy with his book, which made us think of Isaiah Rider’s East Bay Funk Dunk for some reason. Or perhaps, he’s trying to add some more funk to his repertoire when he defends his crown at next year’s All-Star Saturday night in Toronto? Whichever it is, don’t count on LaVine hooting and hollering about a dunk any time soon.

(Foot Locker)