These Kevin Durant ‘Koward’ Shirts Floating Around OKC Are Absolutely Ruthless

02.11.17 2 years ago 2 Comments

Oklahoma City Thunder fans are still mad that Kevin Durant left for Golden State last summer. The best way to express that displeasure, of course, is with a clever t-shirt.

While the economists among them may at the very least appreciate Durant exercising his right to experience the free market as a person with valuable skills, the rest of the proletariat simply considers him a coward for jumping to the team that haunted Oklahoma City’s playoff nightmares rather than stay and fight off Steph Curry and Co.’s overwhelming presence in the NBA’s Western Conference.

Tensions are high in Oklahoma City with Durant and the Warriors’ return to town slated for Saturday night, and the shirt vendors are working overtime to shame Durant’s decision to leave. This shirt floating around Oklahoma City features the word “Koward” on the front, referencing Durant’s initials and also the fact that he is, well, a coward. That’s all conjecture, but sometimes hurt people lash out and say things they don’t mean. And other people print shirts hurt people will buy because this hustle economy never stops.

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