Kevin Durant Receives A 95 Rating In NBA 2K15

It’s unfair to expect the NBA MVP, Kevin Durant to capture that ever-elusive NBA Finals MVP. Perhaps some basketball fans thought KD’s electric 2013-14 campaign would match LeBron James, who won both the regular season and Finals MVP in the two years prior. Still, like LeBron in NBA 2K14, KD is the NBA 2K15 cover athlete, and now we know his rating, one of just four players who will be in the 90s after 2K Sports redid their ranking system.

Per Operation Sports, by way of the Daily Thunder’s Royce Young, comes the news KD is going to get a 95 rating in NBA 2K15, after getting a 94 rating in NBA 2K14:

NBA 2K15 has KD rated as a 95 overall, one of only four players that are a 90 or above…

Last season, Durant was rated a 94, with LeBron being the highest rated player in the game at a 99. Though the game has redone its rating system, reducing the number of players in the 90s (2K13 had 10 players over 90). Durant isn’t likely to have passed LeBron, though that’s only fair, because he’s on the cover right?

We doubt KD is ranked higher than LeBron, but that could come within the next couple iterations of the game as LeBron heads into the twilight of his career and Durant reaches his peak (he isn’t even at his peak yet!).

We’re guessing LeBron gets a 98 or 97 rating, following his Finals loss and Blake Griffin gets a 92 or 93 with Stephen Curry, Kevin Love, Chris Paul, or even Russell Westbrook, as a 90 or 91.

The Spurs will all be underrated, but that’s expected, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Even though Kawhi Leonard has been working out all summer and we expect more regular season highlights this upcoming season from the 2014 NBA Finals MVP, he’s going to fly under the 2K radar for the time being until he can prove he’s not just a postseason stud (we actually kind of like how he loafs through the regular season, conserving his energy for the real season).

(Daily Thunder)

Who will be the four players ranked in the 90s?

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