Kevin Durant Took The Easy Way Out When Asked About His Game 1 Interaction With Rihanna

Associate Editor
06.02.17 3 Comments

The two biggest stars of Game 1 of the 2017 NBA Finals were Kevin Durant and Rihanna. Durant earned this title because he had a monster game, going for 38 points, eight rebounds, and eight assists in Golden State’s convincing 113-91 win over Cleveland. Rihanna earned this title because she sat courtside for the game and had a blast.

At one point, Rihanna decided to try and mess with Durant while he was shooting free throws. Durant, being one of the best shooters ever, calmly sank his attempt from the charity stripe. After this, he looked over at Rihanna. He looked at her again after he sank a three. It almost seemed like Durant was making it a point to look over at her, so of course, someone in the media asked him about it after the game. This is what he said.

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