Kevin Durant Tells Critics He Should Make ‘More Money’ If He Actually Ruined The NBA

06.09.18 1 year ago

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Kevin Durant cleaned up in his second season with the Golden State Warriors. When the dust settled on Friday night, Durant had won his second NBA title and his second straight Finals MVP award.

The resounding Game 4 win made it clear that the Warriors were the better team in a series many NBA fans have grown used to over the last four years. The Warriors have now beat the Cavaliers in three of four NBA Finals, and with Durant in the lineup, it seems beating the Warriors is the playoffs is a near-impossible task.

That’s frustrating for some, and after the win a number of people complained that Durant joining the league’s best team ruins the competitive balance of the league. But Durant had a pretty simple answer for anyone who says he ruined the league: He’s not paid like someone who dictates the course of the entire NBA.

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