Kevin Durant And Russell Westbrook Made Things Real Awkward Before The All-Star Game

02.19.17 2 years ago 3 Comments

So much of the anticipation going into All-Star Weekend in New Orleans surrounded the ongoing feud/beef/whatever you wanna call it between Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook. The two haven’t spoken (formally, at least) since Durant left Oklahoma City to sign with the Warriors last summer, aside from a few heated on-court exchanges when Durant returned to OKC to play the Thunder earlier this month.

In case you were wondering whether the former teammates and friends would use this opportunity to bury the hatchet and move on with their lives, the answer so far has been an emphatic no. Instead, they have both apparently opted to act like former boyfriend/girlfriend who accidentally ran into each other at the club they both used to go to and pretend that the other doesn’t exist and feign like they’re not gonna let it ruin their good time.

Apparently, it started in the locker-room where their lockers were situated about as far away from one another as logistically possible, which we’re sure was nothing more than just a coincidence.

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