Serge Ibaka Makes KD Choose Between Steph And Russ As The Pair Reminisce On Their OKC Days

Serge Ibaka is many things, including being an NBA champion now, but while he’s an excellent basketball player the thing he might be best at is interviewing his colleagues around the NBA.

Ibaka’s “How Hungry Are You?” web show in which he cooks his friends in the league strange foods, only serving them after they answer a variety of questions ranging from basketball topics to who their celebrity crush is (his personal favorite question). The latest episode that dropped on Monday featured his former teammate in Oklahoma City, Kevin Durant, who Ibaka’s Raptors recently faced in the NBA Finals.

The two discussed those Finals, argued about whether the Warriors would’ve won if Durant hadn’t suffered his Achilles injury, and also talked about his move to the Nets. However, the most interesting part of the discussion, from a basketball perspective, was their conversation about their time together with the Thunder and what that run was like for a bunch of young 21 and 22 year old kids.

Durant explained why he was glad James Harden was able to go somewhere he could be a star, but did note he thought Harden could’ve been “Manu Ginobili” like in the sixth-man role for the Thunder. Ibaka also pressed Durant on who the better player is between Russell Westbrook and Steph Curry.

Durant hemmed and hawed but eventually said Steph, explaining that it came down to Curry’s ability to shoot that set him apart. He also called he and Steph “1a” and “1a2” as far as the best shooters on the Warriors, saying he’s just a bit better but that Curry’s shot is, admittedly, prettier. Durant also said he’s never seen anyone be able to get as hot as Klay Thompson.

He also touched on how he lost touch with both Russ and Harden for a couple years after leaving OKC, how things got out of hand with the beef between he and Russ, and how he’s reconnected with Harden recently. As for those two becoming teammates, he’s excited to see how that works and thinks Russ getting out of OKC and experiencing something different will be good.

The entire conversation is really interesting to watch, including KD saying he once got shot down by Keri Hilson before she was with Ibaka, and they even eat some snake together at the end, even though it’s “a bit dry” per Durant.