Kevin Durant Shuts NYC Down For The Second Consecutive Night

08.03.11 8 years ago 31 Comments

The NBA has beaten its players. To court that is. As we wrote yesterday, David Stern and his associates have filed a lawsuit against the NBPA after long negotiations took place earlier this week in New York. The league is calling the players uncooperative, claiming they have threatened the league with decertification threats and lawsuits. Unlike the NFL, which coolly resolved all differences last week, the owners have put the smackdown on the players. The longer this goes, the harder it seems that an agreement will come to pass. The players are profiting 56 percent of league revenue and two thirds of NBA teams are reporting profits below the bottom line. The owners want money back and are talking crazy measures, while the players still want more dough. They sound like a bickering divorced couple … What’s a sure way to get yourself either A) kicked out of the league or B) a hard spanking? Criticize David Stern. But Spencer Hawes isn’t having it, snapping at the commish on Twitter. He tweeted: 23 million a year for stern huh. Weird no rumblings about a pay cut for the commish while he asks every single player to do so. Then, followed that up with a tweet at Hoopshype: @hoopshype commish wants his annual compensation to trump new max salary by nearly double. Interesting thought. … Players though are still living life outside the NBA. Kevin Durant and Nick Young both dropped 60 plus this week in summer league games. Even people in Siberia must’ve seen the KD tape by now. “I’ve always wanted to play at Rucker Park all my life,” Durant told one of the league’s emcees after his DC Power team beat the Sean Bell All-Stars, which featured Chicago Bulls’ guard John Lucas III. Durant joins a host of names to play at the famed Rucker Park, including Wilt, Dr. J, AI and Kobe. We think he enjoyed himself, exclaiming, No lie, jus had one of the best times of my life at Rucker! I love NY…Harlem waddup. So what did he do last night for an encore at Nike Pro City League at Baruch College? Only dropped 41 this time. Off night. Check this out though: apparently John Lucas III dropped 60 … Young, who also reached a high mark of 60, did his at the Drew League. Rocking a slightly puffier ‘fro than usual, Young was straight killing, and yet somehow, his squad still lost. Maybe the Wizards will see some of that the next time the NBA suits up? The scoring numbers we mean … Still, that wasn’t even the weirdest story involving the Washington Wizard. Young is now calling himself the best dressed man in the NBA after a photoshoot that saw him wear both a leopard-skin tank top, and then no shirt at all … In other news, Bruce Pearl has been targeted by the NBA D-League’s Texas Legends to replace Nancy Lieberman as head coach. Seems like a slight fall for Pearl, but hey, the Legends are an affiliate of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks. When asked about the opportunity, Pearl said, “When the world champions call you have to listen” … And even though this is a compilation of missed dunks, Kenneth Faried is not human. He was doing chin ups on the rim … We’re out like Young’s “best dressed.”

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