Kevin Durant Thinks NBA Draft Prospects Should ‘Stay Your Ass Home’ And Skip The Combine

05.11.17 12 months ago 2 Comments

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Kevin Durant attended the NBA Draft Combine back in 2006 and is still bitter about it. His advice to this year’s crop of draft prospects? Don’t even bother.

Durant looked back bitterly on his own Combine on Wednesday when he told reporters about his own draft experience, advising those invited to the combine in Chicago to stay home and work on their own game privately.

“Stay your ass home, work out and get better on your own time,” Durant told ESPN on Wednesday.

While players like Lonzo Ball and Malik Monk are top prospects skipping the Combine already, Durant encouraged the dozens of others scheduled to appear at the 4-day combine in Chicago to think twice about risking embarrassment for little gain, something Durant definitely knows firsthand.

Despite eventually getting picked second overall in the 2007 NBA Draft, he scored poorly in the vertical leap, agility, and three-quarter court sprint drills. He also had an embarrassing experience with the bench press.

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