Kevin Durant Had A Simple Message For Fans Complaining About Blowouts In The Playoffs

05.21.17 11 months ago

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Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors routed the Spurs 120-108 in Game 3 of their series, the second straight full game San Antonio has been without star Kawhi Leonard, to take a commanding 3-0 lead in what has become, like their counterpart in the East, a one-sided conference final.

The win was the ninth double-digit victory for the Warriors in their 11 playoff wins (in 11 games), which means between Golden State and Cleveland, 14 of the 21 games played by the favorites in each conference (not top seeds, but favorites) have been decided by double digits. The Cavs, after a sluggish start with all four games of their first-round series decided by single digits, have woken up in the last two rounds and, despite only being up 2-0, have managed to crush the dreams of top-seeded Celtics thanks to a pair of blowout wins in Boston.

Most recently, the Cavs picked apart the Celtics to the tune of a 130-86 victory, with a 41 point halftime lead that left no doubt of the result before 20 minutes had been played. This has caused many to lament the lack of parity in the NBA and the lack of competition for the two best teams. These NBA playoffs have been without the same level of drama that we’ve grown accustomed to throughout the years, and some have wondered why bother watching.

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