Kevin Durant’s Father Gave Him Some Great Free Agency Advice To Follow: ‘Be Selfish’

Kevin Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder and join the Warriors is still sending shockwaves throughout the NBA community. In the days since it happened, everyone has been trying to figure out exactly how we got to this point, and what ultimately led to KD leaving the organization where he has played his entire career.

Durant was obviously getting all different kinds of advice from his friends, family, and his confidantes, and he was also hearing all different things from each team trying to recruit him.

You can be sure that Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson all played a huge role in convincing Durant he would be a good fit with them, but in the end, it may have been a tip from his dad that helped Durant choose Golden State.

According to The Undefeated, Durant’s father, Wayne Pratt, told his son to “be selfish” with his choice.

“‘For once in your life be selfish and think about yourself,’” Pratt said he told his son. “That’s the only thing I could tell him. And it’s hard for him to do that because that is not in his personality. But sometimes in your growth as a man you have to be selfish and make decisions that are based on him and his future family.”

In terms of what’s best for him personally, Durant choosing the Warriors is it. It’s where he undoubtedly has the best chance at a championship (multiple championships, really) and where he will have the ability to play on a team capable of being one of the greatest of all time.

There were other factors, though, and Durant had to decide whether letting everyone in OKC down and being viewed as “villain” by many was worth it. Ultimately he decided that it was, and it may very well have been his father’s words that pushed him in that direction.

(Via The Undefeated)