Kevin Garnett And Chris Webber Teamed Up For A Touching Tribute To Craig Sager

The tragic passing of TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager has sent shock waves throughout the sports world and, unsurprisingly, tributes are flowing in from various titans of the NBA in support of their fallen friend. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade both displayed affection and love for Sager on Instragram, ESPN’s Rachel Nichols broke the saddening news with elegance and grace, and active players from across the league have shared support for Sager’s family and loved ones.

Another tribute for Sager came from the duo of Kevin Garnett and Chris Webber, as the former All-Star power forwards joined forces as part of Garnett’s “Area 21” segment for TNT on Thursday evening. From the first moment of the segment in which Garnett struggled to find his words, it was clear that both men held Sager in the highest esteem and they shared interesting, first-person anecdotes that help to show Sager’s human side to the audience.

Webber has worked extensively with Sager throughout his time with TNT and hearing about Sager’s question-asking style and effectiveness is a good reminder that his impact went well beyond outlandish attire. In closing, Garnett’s assertion that “him and Ernie (Johnson) built Turner” is another important distinction of Sager’s impact on the NBA at large and he will be sorely missed.

It is safe to assume that the Inside The NBA crew, headlined by Johnson and Charles Barkley, will present a tribute of their own, but Garnett and Webber did a phenomenal job of lifting up their long-time friend and colleague.