The Time Kevin Garnett Head-Butt A Hole In The Wall Because Of ‘Making The Band’

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Kevin Garnett’s retirement is cause for celebration and commemoration of a golden career, but then so is every day. We should always be thanking the skies for such a man. The future Hall-of-Famer, one-time MVP and league champion left an inalterable mark on the league as a player, but as a personality as well. With his playing time now bookended, we can look forward to an outpouring of vivid stories about who he was out in the world.

According to Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue, Garnett’s trademark intensity wasn’t confined just to the court.

“A lot of people do all their howling on the court and they’re faking just for attention, but what he does is genuine,” Lue once said in a Garnett oral history by Bleacher Report’s Howard Beck. “So one day we were at his house and we were watching Puff Daddy’s show Making the Band, and in one of the scenes, some new guys came in and were trying to sing and were trying to compete against the guys who had been there. And KG just got so hyped, ‘Motherf—-r, you’ve got to stand up for yours! You’ve got to fight! Motherf—-r, you’ve got to come together!’ He’s going crazy, he’s sweaty. And he just head butts the wall and put a hole in the wall of his house.”

That’s pretty cool. Head-butting holes into your own walls takes serious guts, even if the Kid’s head-butt more menacing edifices in his career.


We will miss you dearly, Mr. Garnett.

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